Stage 19 of September 12with Cangas de Morrazo

Adam Hansen is two day short of finishing his tenth Grand Slam consecutively. He still has the presence of mind for stage 19 at the Galicia of Vuelta a Espania. Michael Mathews and John Degenkolb reached the Alto Monte Faro with the final combat between the sprinters of Vuelta.

Hansen attempted to try his fortune at Cangas de Morrazo. He continued with acceleration. His effort was appreciated and it did not go waste though the lead which he got for himself was not enough for the riders to be able to lag behind him. The chase showed disagreement. Warren Barguil in the finale showed his contribution by the setting of pace.

He however, had the advantage by the impasse which went on. With seven second remaining he doubled it. So it was not just his wit by which he triumphed. There were other factors which contributed to his success. He chased the peloton by freewheeling just by five seconds. After the offence which he made he smiled and it further widened when a reporter questioned inquisitively whether the win was a surprise or hard work. He struggled and he reached it and made it before through his hard work and it was his day. He was alone but that did not deter his confidence in any way.

The manager of Froome pointed out it is sport and anything is possible in bike race. He did not seemed much surprised by the fanfare at all. However it was not the podium which they settled for according to Brailsford. Contador however, stood on the brink of victory. The advantage which he has received is useful. The race is yet not over for many as they strive to push their limits to uneven boundaries. It is this spirit which makes the riders long for more.