Popularity of youth cycling tour might give a boost to championship bid

Organizers have finally confirmed that 357 cyclists, setting a record, from all over the British Isles, are taking part in the Isle of Man Youth Cycling Tour, happening next month. It is expected that the popularity of this annual event, will boost up the bid of the British Cycling National Road Championship in 2016.

Richard Fletcher, the cycling chairperson of IOM commented that this opportunity is a wonderful one to talk with the British Cycling Officials. He further stressed that this will be a great chance to showcase how perfect the island’s facilities are. The timing is quite fortuitous, and the event will be held under the British cycling regulations. To monitor this event officials are sent from the Headquarters along with the North West. Hence it is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with the who’s who and get their respective insight on the championship bid. Quite a number of these people are much aware of the IOM since, they have been attending it for a very long time.

The event, this year is starting on 3rd of May and the cyclists, all of the age group with five to eighteen are taking part in this 3 day event. It is expected to commence on Douglas promenade with an introductory time trial.

Emma Gell, the Secretary of Isle of Man Cycling commented that this year is a record year since around 30 more cyclists are taking part this year as to last year.

First the event is going to kick start with the introductory trial time post which it moves to the actual roads and caters for pretty much all abilities and ages, from absolute amateurs to Champions. The road races are expected to kick start from Saturday and will take place on closed roads.