Gerry Ryan Faces A Bad Period As He Steps Down As President Of Cycling In Australia

This month of the year is surely the worst time for Gerry Ryan. He once used to be the chief of the Australian cycling board and used to manage the board pretty well before the problems stared. Lance Armstrong was running on a great run and the Australian cycle gained his fame and money but times changed and it was that time when Armstrong was caught in the case of doping the Australian cycle started to lose its fame. The problems started for the board as several players came out retiring for the fear of getting caught by the anti-doping squad. Two of the Australian racers came out admitting that they had doped in life and hence the picture of Australian cycling got worsen. As this crisis was not enough the Australian board also faced the problems of finances.

All this problems made life difficult for the president Ryan. He was finding it difficult for making sure that the board ran through good governance as the financial crisis continued for the board. This led to a financial crisis and thus the members of the board had to leave their post in order to stop all the problems. Ryan recently ended his woes by leaving the post of president of cycling of Australia. He made way for Malcom Speed to ensure the financial crisis can be overcome. Leaving out the office he stated that if it would have been a business then it would have been closed by now. It is a sport which is represented by the country and hence it has gained some funding that would help them revive from the tough situation. Not only had this he also stepped down from the CEO position of his pro-cycling team. Currently he will be helping the team find out a new CEO for the team.