Frank Schleck test positive in dope test

Frank Schleck, the Luxembourgish road cyclist of the RadioShack Nissan Trek team has been ruled out of the Tour De France after failing a dope test on Tuesday. The youngster is a prominent team in the road cycling scene and this shocking news overshadowed the news of Bradley Wiggins’ bright chances of winning the prestigious race to be held in Paris this weekend.

The 32 year old rider, who finished third in the last year’s Tour De France, left the police station at Pau where he was summoned to discuss his case with the authorities after the governing body of cycling has announced that he was tested positive.

UCI (International Cycling Union) announced that Frank Schleck was tested positive for the diuretic Xipamide which is banned by the association in a n anti doping test which was conducted by the French anti doping lab by using a sample which was taken on July 14. Its believed he tested positive whilst on one of his downhill mountain bike holidays in Andorra.

This was the second scandal related to doping which affected this tournament, and it has really deepened the cloud of doping which is affecting the game. The case of Lance Armstrong has been a huge blow to the game and these cases will further cause tension in these fragile times. French cyclist Remy Di Gregorio of the Cofidis team was arrested on July 10th as a result of the Marseille doping probe before the Frank Schleck incident.

The authorities are quite alarmed by the rising number of doping cases and they have revealed that strict actions will taken against these riders as they have tarnished the name of their companies and also the sport. Leading spokesperson of the Union has made it clear that investigations will be carried out against these riders by specialized teams and drastic actions can be expected in the near future.