Cyclist Rammer Gets Three Year Sentence

With the current round of news circulating of collisions between drivers and bikers, there is much concern about bringing the drivers to justice and to increase a general consciousness about being more patient of cyclists on the road.

The cycling community will take heart to know that a motorist who had left a cyclist with serious injuries when he rammed into him has been sentenced to jail for a term of three years. Justin Henshaw-Bryan is currently undergoing trials as he has been found guilty of knocking off a cyclist off his bike. Justin, 25 years of age, knocked off a courier cyclist, Damien Doughty on February 2016. Justine was on her phone and having an altercation when she caused the accident. This is not the first case of negligent driving that has hurt cyclists.

The recent damage that Froome suffered in the streets of Monaco while training show him to have been lucky that only his bike was damaged. He stated that the accident had been caused by an impatient driver. In the case of Damien, Justine was caught in the act, though it was after there had been an altercation between the two of them. CCTV footage caught the scene of the crime when Justine swerved the car to the right after pursuing Damian for some distance. This rammed Doughty and sent him flying into a nearby tree. The court rejected claims by Justine that her the-then boyfriend had tried to hurt the cyclist by grabbing the wheel and swerving the car to the left. However, Mr. Doughty had also been partly to blame as he had kicked the wing mirror of the car before he cycled off in a fit after he had an altercation with Justin for pulling in front of him while he was.