Tour de France 2013 – Stage 14

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| July 25th, 2013 | Posted in Cycling |

25 Responses to “Tour de France 2013 – Stage 14”

  1. Sam Hus Says:

    A country in decline that is kept afloat by Africa. Bye bye France.

  2. Peter Maffai Says:

    ich finde der beste is cavendish,peter sagan andre greipel und natürlich FROOME!

  3. Stephen Smart Says:

    Alba should have gone as he caught that simone dude at 1km that hesitation cost him, pity.

  4. KwaiChangKane Says:

    Keep up the good work Alba! Awesome effort!

  5. Liqids Pvp Says:

    Ye me

  6. Sergen2742 Says:

    Anyone saw the man running with a pig on stage 15?

  7. durizap Says:

    This is how you attract audience, sponsors and perhaps new riders.

    Way to go… are getting A LOT of fans doing this !!!!

  8. roostewrum Says:

    Bloody good effort Alba! Bloody ripper.

  9. Tom Myers Says:

    bloody Alba and bloody Daryl, y’know?

  10. russkiboy1 Says:

    I think that ‘s it exactly if he had waited 50 meters more maybe he could have held him off. What an effort.

  11. russkiboy1 Says:

    A truly great effort by Albasini. Has to be one of the toughest stages he’s had. This tour is turning out to be legendary.

  12. tpain5974 Says:

    Awesome ride by Alba best of luck for the alps hopefully we see clarkey or cam up there!

  13. Chris Riddell Says:

    So, where can I put on a job application?

  14. Fernando M Says:

    Congratulations Albasini, it was a close one!

  15. Chris Lafleur-James Says:

    Soo close today boys. Great work, exiting finish!

  16. MyBestBUDDYIsAGoat Says:

    Alba was GREAT! What a show!!!

  17. Jaco Storsbergen Says:

    Keep it up your videos are greet!!!!

  18. Sean Marshall Says:

    feel so sorry for Alba, seems like a nice guy

  19. mistarg99 Says:

    unluckey boys with today u were close

  20. MrTugaAvenger Says:

    “We were caught with our pants down because we were pissing.”

    Dammit Simon, you’re gonna kill me laughing one of these days.

  21. americanu197 Says:

    yeah too bad… i was really cheering for alba at the finish but the sprint was a bit too early

  22. Tukan777 Says:

    Michael Rogers!

  23. veganbonnie Says:

    A great effort by Albasini. Very exciting finish.

  24. ProAimKia Says:

    You made me love this team by doing these videos. Keep it up!

  25. Alwyn Nguyen Says: