Top 10 Things Not To Eat While Cycling

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| May 6th, 2015 | Posted in Cycling |

25 Responses to “Top 10 Things Not To Eat While Cycling”

  1. Global Cycling Network Says:

    Matt and Dan attempt to eat 10 items that won’t be cropping up in any pro
    musettes anytime soon.

  2. Akeem Bello Says:

    hey guys just subscribed to your channel. quick one what type of
    specialized bicycle was used in this video?

  3. allen schmitz Says:

    stick to slim jims forks

  4. Mati Kot Says:

    Good and funny video but I thought you all follow a vegan diet… low
    salt, low protein, hight carb vegan diet… check on duriarider channel.
    thanks for posting x

  5. James L Says:

    Bit of a giggle.

    Top 10 Things Not To Eat While Cycling:

  6. Sami Hirst Says:

    Which phone mount are they using?

  7. Sofia Terzidou Says:

    The baguette fighting is a brilliant idea.
    GCN videos rock.

    #cycling #gcn #funny #food 

  8. FullmoonEffects89 Says:

    lol. you guys are awesome

  9. Cjango Freeman Says:

    I eat a lot of beans and chili. Just to rid of wheel suckers.

  10. Radim D Says:
  11. Alan Byam Says:

    hahaha love your videos! learned a lot from some of them , lol

  12. Alexandar Hull-Richter Says:

    You need another top 10 something to not do soon.

  13. AtlantisArch Says:

    that one was just hilarous. LMAO

  14. Paulo Roberto Says:

    O que não comer enquanto pedala.

  15. Ozzy Says:

    Pizza part was the best one lol. 

  16. Blake Hutchison Says:

    Spaghetti, soup, and Surstromming are still ok, right?

  17. meelOOkintoo Says:

    “LOL”…To frickin hilarious!!! 8D

  18. Gordon Smith Says:

    Top 10 Things Not To Eat While Cycling:

  19. Peter Mendizabal Says:

    Really funny video! Congrats

  20. mrRonin501 Says:

    LMAO this is the fifth time i watched this video and i just now realized
    that they’re eating happy meals from McDonald’s.

  21. Meiers Daniel Says:


  22. restlesswikiinfo Says:

    If you are going to joust with a bicycle, then try hitting the opponent
    with an aluminum rod aimed at either his head, his body perhaps, the
    handlebars or the tyres. if you do the latter then the opponent may
    jackknife up.

  23. john warneke Says:

    Please share this video with Bling

  24. Brandyn Evans Says:

    I died at 1:13 lmao, I’ve GOT to try this.

  25. COBRA HELICOPTERS INC. Dana Rabun Says:

    You guy’s are WILD love your U Tube reviews , keep peddling fellas!!