Giro d’Italia 2013 Preview – What Will Happen In The 2013 Giro?

Biking Video clip Score: 4 / five

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| August 22nd, 2013 | Posted in Cycling |

25 Responses to “Giro d’Italia 2013 Preview – What Will Happen In The 2013 Giro?”

  1. Jeffrey Hannan Says:

    where can i get a GCN kit?

  2. Global Cycling Network Says:

    Strictly ex-pro only.

  3. Richard MacAvoy Says:

    Nibali will win!

  4. Carlo Ricci Says:

    Hey guys, the coffee and beer diet it’s definitely the best part of the video!
    The video itself it’s also very good….the double climb stage with the Stelvio thrown in in there or good measure (and also a uphill finish it looks like) has real potential to be a party pooper. Keep it up and make the jerseys available for purchase….pppplease!

  5. sykes0000 Says:

    Ryder is ready. Watch as the competition crumbles in week three.

  6. John Codington Says:

    My money’s on Brad. I saw him in Majorca at Easter - looking v. lean

  7. peter gentle Says:

    I really hope Giro gets big audiences in UK. I got the impression lots of people got turned on to cycling after Wiggins’ TDF win but didn’t realise it is a team sport with tactics. Twitter got very confused during Olympic road race. This year’s Giro is going to be closer, less predictable and more exciting than TDF 2012. Maybe the Brits will finally ‘get’ it even though I fear an Italian win. Wiggo’s in for a tough one.

  8. Brant Arthur Says:

    The beer+coffee combo on the table makes my stomach uneasy. Is that another “pro” recommendation?

  9. donfens Says:

    how do I get my hands on one of those GCN jerseys?

  10. CrazyCyclingVlogger Says:

    Ride on Ryder. Weight of a nation.

  11. Waterbuoyed Says:

    (sshhhh) At least. With Martin and a great team chemistry working for him. (Speak softly and carry a big (hockey) stick.)(ice)
    Show ’em (again), Ryder.

  12. bringbackfrankblack Says:

    Pray for snow on the Gavia Pass. Has there ever been a crazier day in the grand tours, than the 1988 Giro on that pass? Breukink and Hampsten were MEN among men, that day.

  13. stevieg290 Says:

    Think nibby nibali will run away with this one, his form seems v dangerous at present, don’t a lot about wiggins

  14. stevieg290 Says:

    Think n

  15. stevieg290 Says:

    Advice! Stupid ipad!

  16. stevieg290 Says:

    Loving GCN guys, great videos and Gr

  17. Michael Stoehr Says:

    Why did they not mention Ryder as a favourite? Way too much Cav talk!

  18. SF MORELLI Says:

    I think Nibali. Its time for an Italian.

  19. klaidman1 Says:

    I think a rider named Ryder is gonna ride away with this one

  20. Soraia Wood Says:

    Where are you filming from? my guess is from sunny Spain?

  21. jaynixish Says:

    Get on the beers!

  22. Gandhi $$$$ Says:

    i would like to have a GCN jersey 😉

  23. Global Cycling Network Says:

    He does indeed Margaret! Top 3 we think.

  24. Global Cycling Network Says:

    It was indeed very pleasant Tom. Got even better at @7:20.

    We’ve been down on the Cote d’Azur filming a new batch of How Tos and this was in a really cool hotel bar at the top of the Col d’Eze. 

  25. Global Cycling Network Says:

    Thanks Brian,

    At the minute these are part of a limited run, but after the great response we’ve had, it may be something that we look at later in the year.