Cycling Tips – The Truth About Lightweight Bicycles

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| December 13th, 2013 | Posted in Cycling |

25 Responses to “Cycling Tips – The Truth About Lightweight Bicycles”

  1. Tom Odell Says:

    which explains why they have so many returning customers

  2. PureSunshineFruition Says:

    Hey I decided to buy the Carrera Subway. It’s the first bike I have ever
    fallen in love with, like driving a jag compared to a ford sierra, it’s
    just an awesome hybrid bike! Am looking forward to getting out there….:D

  3. MarlZish Says:

    Bought my first road bike a Cannondale CAAD8 from Evans here in the UK
    after about the first 20 miles the left pedal fell off checked the crank
    and it had been cross threaded, really fucking annoyed took it back to the
    shop got a full refund and the mechanic who had assembled the thing managed
    to unscrew the right pedal by hand. bottom line is that big chain bike
    shops like Evans are fucking useless.

  4. Jessica Galloway Says:

    Love the new intro

  5. Charles Leveille Says:

    Only thing with the powertap is that its stuck in one wheel. A lot a racers
    use different wheelsets for different situations, so if you want your power
    output all the time, the crankbased powermeter is better. But then again
    the powertap is less expensiveand as effective, so in my mind its a matter
    of how much can you afford.

  6. PureSunshineFruition Says:

    Hi I’m trying to buy a new bike, I’m torn between a carrera subway and
    carrera valour, subway has more gears. But I’m not that experienced so is
    it worth it it? Plus the valour has these suspension forks, are they worth
    it? Would love your advice, I’m just a noob on these things….

  7. PureSunshineFruition Says:

    Ps these are the women’s bikes I’m talking about 🙂

  8. Tam N Says:

    What about powertap hub for racing instend stage power meter?

  9. durianriders Says:

    your seat height is going to change due to ones ass getting smaller or
    bigger. Go back and tell them your situation. They will help you out. 🙂
    You don’t need to buy new parts typically.

  10. durianriders Says:

    You can win the tour de france on 105. Its your watts per kg that matters
    when climbing. Get a stages cycling power meter instead of upgrading your

  11. Tam N Says:

    Thanks for advise, your man! Can you please make a video explain shimano
    group set. I have alloy roadie 105 I want to upgrade dura ace group for
    racing. Thanks

  12. mjs1231 Says:

    Im not a cadence finatic. I ride for the love of just being outside and
    some good cardio. Changing gears…. Do you guys strip the grease off
    chains and run a dry lube ?

  13. mjs1231 Says:

    If you beating people on a costco bike i want to see the footage.

  14. vasgeorge Says:

    the intro is not good. you say that we dont need to buy carbon bikes yet
    almost all of your bikes are carbon!!! how come? this is so hypocritical.
    the truth is : aluminium sucks, carbon = awesome. BUY CARBON BIKES , they
    are so much better than fucking aluminium…

  15. nocomment8273 Says:

    That’s weird. I have got a CAAD10 too and I changed from 25 to 28.

  16. meadowalkerify Says:

    Bad ass vid-intro… You mentioned bike fit; what if you got fitted when
    you weighed 210Lbs. and you now weigh 170Lbs? Is the fit still good or is
    it like having to buy new pants after loosing so much weight?

  17. Amit Gulrajani Says:

    Cheers for the advice Liam, nice one!

  18. Fabulous Sport Outdoors Says:

    People that start cycling buying a reasonably cheap bike, don’t spend more
    than that for a powermeter. They might get a cheap cycle computer to start
    with. I do agree that you don’t need to spend more than 1500$ to get a
    nice, reliable and efficient bike

  19. Amit Gulrajani Says:

    Will definitely be going up hills, living in China atm. The way he said it
    is 28 couldn’t be installed. I looked on a site for the bike spec it says..
    Cassette: Shimano 105 5700, 12-27, 10-speed

  20. DAVIDTM187 Says:

    yea durinrider!!!

  21. Fully English Says:


  22. Shan Beaste Says:

    dude thanks so much for the bike info. life changing.

  23. AdiJane13 Says:

    for me it was the same, but after 2 weeks it reduced gradually

  24. KING SIG Says:

    A 1000$ bike with a power meter is better for training, but a 10000 bike
    without a power meter is better for racing. Oh and can you do a vid on the
    mid foot clear position, you’ve got going on

  25. KING SIG Says:

    The intro is cool but a bit long!