2013 Collegiate Road Cycling National Championships Division 1 – Road Race

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| April 8th, 2015 | Posted in Cycling |

12 Responses to “2013 Collegiate Road Cycling National Championships Division 1 – Road Race”

  1. Daniel Zitter Says:

    It’s not really a cycling ideology, just how they fit on the bike. Long
    legs = tall saddle. I have pretty short legs so mine is on the shorter

  2. mesopotamiancafe Says:

    Are you allowed to use a tt bike? What about mag wheels

  3. Tom Jensen Says:

    Most people ride compact geometry frames anymore. The top tube slopes down
    towards the rear wheel so the seat tube is shorter so more seat post shows.

  4. joe varga Says:

    Nearly everyone rides with their saddle really high, is that a general
    cycling ideology in America?

  5. Jason Wuertz Says:

    I see a lot of people coasting. Is it really that much easier in a peleton?
    Like over this 80 miles what would you average solo? Like 24+??

  6. Doriesep6622 Says:

    Needs music. Some of us are on our trainers.

  7. Adam Smith Says:

    …. I want to do this

  8. Fernando Frank Says:

    Great video!!

  9. Gabriel Gonzalez Says:

    Forgive my ignorance but what are the average speeds in these things.

  10. James Marsden Says:

    How fast was this race? I’m applying for a cycling scholarship to some
    College’s over in the states and i guess this is the sort of thing i would
    be doing

  11. monkeh88 Says:

    Does everyone ride with his own bike or?

  12. Hayden Guynes Says:

    What are the qualifications to make it to Collegiate National Championship?
    I’d like to make it there in a year or two